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What should be considered when choosing a dining chair

Jan 20,2022 | Lucas

Dining chairs are definitely one of the important furniture inside your home, in addition to the functionality of daily use, in entertaining guests and create a great role in the overall style of decoration. So, what do you need to consider when buying dining chairs? This article will list some aspects to consider, there are some common problems, I hope to help you pick the most appropriate dining chairs.


In the purchase of dining chairs, one of the most important considerations is their size. Because the dining chairs are certainly matched by your dining table, the size of your dining table and the number of chairs you want to place will largely determine the size of your dining chairs. Therefore, you need to measure your dining table to see how many chairs you can put in the premise of making sure you leave a few inches of space between each chair and making sure there is room around the table for the chairs to be pushed out and in. As a general rule of thumb, there should be 12 inches between the seat of the dining chair and the table, which will provide enough room for you to sit down while preventing bumping into your knees.

Of course, in the case of the dining table and the surrounding space is large enough to place the number of more than the number you want to place, the size of the dining chairs to choose more flexible, then you can choose a wider and more comfortable dining chairs. Another thing to consider is the size of your family members.


Dining chairs are made of a variety of materials, each with a different look and feel (including the touch and feel of sitting). Wooden chairs are usually the sturdiest and most versatile because you can change their finish as needed. Metal chairs are durable, but can have reflective properties. Common dining chair materials include upholstered fabric, velvet, etc. They are more comfortable and have a more attractive look and feel, including color, but are harder to clean; many dining chairs will now have a solid wood frame, or solid wood/metal legs combined with upholstered fabric to combine more benefits. Finally there are rattan dining chairs, which can add texture to your space.


Dining chairs are available with or without arms, and you need to decide which style is what you want. Armrest dining chairs are usually more comfortable because it provides a place to rest your elbows, usually, the armrests are also filled with some fabric upholstery, or with the chair back and seat are made of the same material material, thus enhancing the overall comfort, and when you stand up and sit down, the armrests can also maintain stability. Of course, armless dining chairs will take up less space than armchairs, usually used along the long side of the table, sometimes armless dining chairs will give people a more free and relaxed feeling.

(Note: Consider the size mentioned above, if you choose armrest dining chairs, leave a few more inches of space for safety reasons, as the armrests will take up more space around the table, always make sure to measure your dining table beforehand.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my dining chair from scratching the floor?
One way to prevent dining chairs from scratching the floor is to use a felt floor protector. It is easy to stick to the bottom of the chair legs and is one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to prevent scratches. Alternatively, you can choose a rug that is about the size of your dining area to cover the floor. (This requires consideration of the color or style of the rug to match your overall design)

How do I clean my dining room chairs?
Cleaning your dining chairs will depend on what kind of material they are made of. If cleaning upholstered dining chairs, be sure to check the care instructions for the fabric. Some upholstered furniture requires professional cleaning. For routine maintenance, you can use a dry fiber cloth to wipe down the surface. In the case of accidental spill stains, you should still follow the cleaning instructions to find out what cleaning agents are appropriate for the particular type of fabric. Then clean up the liquid spill that caused the stain as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the dining chair.

If cleaning wooden dining chairs, you should still check the care instructions, but in general, you can use a small amount of mild dish detergent and a microfiber cloth to clean them.

So, regardless of the material, it is important to have an understanding of the care or cleaning instructions for that material before and after purchase, and the care instructions must be followed during cleaning.